Magicland Adventure Title Generator

Crypt of Glory
The Elves of the Desert Nomads
Night of Pain
Fortress of the Sun
The Knight of the Forgotten King
Legions of Secrets
Descent into the Depths of Intrigue
The Courting of Triumph
The Orcs of the Mage
Labyrinth of Desolation
Return of Flame
The Shadow Rift of Pain
Cave of Hope
Caves of Desolation
The Throne of Ice
Caves of the Wyvern
Ship of the Minotaur
Prince of Time
Descent into the Depths of the Hero-Kings
The Shadow Rift of the Sun
Ghost of Dreams
In the Dungeons of Light
Queen of the Warlords
Labyrinth of Faith
The Bane of the Ghouls

(currently 15295 possible titles)

Code by Matt Tuozzo.
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