New album, 'Signaliens' is now out, once again Free streaming, $7 for full high quality download. I've also made a video for one of the songs, watch it here!

Self-replicating Nanotechnology from Mindblowing Visuals on Vimeo.

Song appears on Vostek album 'Signaliens' released January 21 2011, available at
Additional credits at the end of the video.

I've also uploaded some new videos as examples of my live VJing (music is not mine)

Ultraviolet Crop Circle Communications (Darkpsy) from Mindblowing Visuals on Vimeo.

Live visual mix by Vostek
Music: Triamera- Kaha (Silent Horror Remix) Creative Commons available free at

Fibonnaci Forest Sprites from Vostek on Vimeo.

Visual mix by Vostek
Music: Divided Harmonics- Exorcism (Wrong Mantra Mix)
Creative Commons, Available free at

Not happy with the vimeo quality, I will re-upload it in a different format when I get the time!


Voskhod 2 Spacecraft


As promised in my last entry, I have now completed my new album of music titled 'Voskhod 2 Spacecraft'. Almost an hour of completely new music composed in the last 2 months, it is my most accomplished work to date. As of June 26th you can hear previews and download the complete album at
I also have additional songs ready or in process that will be released separately, if only because they didn't fit the scope of this album. Check back next month for more updates. Enjoy and thanks for listening!

Every Single Moment


What have I been up to since I last updated this site, 6 months ago? I am happy to report, lots of things! I have officially ended my 2 year hiatus from making new music and am deep into the production of a new album guaranteed to be released before 2012 :) but probably much sooner. The spectrum explores wildly through all different types of electronic music genres, including IDM, Downtempo Dub, Dubstep, Glitch-hop, and Psytrance. Here is a song for now, check back in a couple months for more!
Every Single Moment (320kbps mp3)
Besides music, I've still been steady working with video production and VJing at events, though I am definitely VJing less than I was during my peak, which is a good thing because VJing takes a lot out of me! I'm still carving a path for summer festivals, but I intend on playing at least a couple gigs.
I have also been involved in a new non-profit organization, the Synergy in Sybiosis Nexus, a sustainable community collaboration tool. The website, TheNext.US will be operational pretty soon, please check it out now to see our mission statements and vision. If you sign up you will be notified when the full site comes online.

Schizophrenic Beep


I've ressurected yet another old song, this one from early 2001, called 'Schizophrenic Beep'. It's a nutty one! I kinda forgot about for a while, and it ended up not getting on my Anthology disc, but here it is now for you to have!
Schizophrenic Beep (mp3)
Schizophrenic Beep (FLAC)

Burning Man, Raw Spirit, and Living away from the Cities


As you can guess, Burning Man was great! VJ Mediavictim has been making some awesome documentaries of his experience, and this video here features an interview with me-

After settling back to Tucson I aligned with some traveling friends and went to the Raw Spirit Festival in Prescott, AZ to VJ and learn all about the raw food movement. All I can say is yes, raw food is great for the body, and the festival good for the spirit. Following that I have since resettled myself outside of the city, and I am now helping to build community here.

Events updated, progress report on the state of everything


I have updated my listing of past events to include this summer's travels. Also, for anyone wanting to keep in closer touch with my activties, I have recently been using facebook quite frequently and also twitter to a lesser extent. and respectively. As for everything else, well, these past few months traveling around the NE quadrant have created an endless pool of inspiration to draw from in the future. Over the next week I will be preparing to return to Arizona and also to Burning Man. Viva La Revoluion, Be The Evolution!

More Unreleased (Older) Tracks


Happened some more unreleased tracks today- from 2005: Blue and Silver Ticker Tape (remix 1) this song is somewhere in between the orginal and the remix 2, both of which have been released, but this version goes a little further into time divisions than either of the other versions, making it a slightly more 'challenging' listen.
Irridescent Nightlight This was originally going to be released on the Experiments in Time Divisions album, but I scrapped it at the end deciding it didn't fit in with the rest of the album.
Umbrella Way back from the year 2000, this was the last song I made under the 'How I Can Relate to a Cat' alias. Simple, open sound. Nice.

A Forgotten Scrap


Tonight, while looking through some unlabeled audio CDs at my parents house in Newark, DE, I found a CD with the word 'Scrap' on it. "hmm" I said to myself, so I popped it in and realized a forgotten dream from long ago, a song I made in 2005 sometime between my 'Exercises in Exploration' and 'Experiments in Time Divisions' albums. If I remember correctly, I made it in one long session, but I have no idea why I never went back to finish it. Hearing it now, it definitely had potential. Unfortunately, the work files are long gone, so this will be its final form. Download 'Scrap' here!

Vindex 1999


Since it is now 2009, I think 1999 can be officially considered retro. According to The first 'Matrix' movie, 1999 was the peak of human civilization; In some ways I am inclined to agree. In celebration of that time, I'm releasing another 'retrotektive' if you will, an album of old Vostek jams, some dating back more than a decade. This album covers 2 areas that my 'Favorite Things' album missed. 'Vindex 1999' focuses on favorite songs made before 2002 and songs after 2002 that didn't make it to the 'Favorites' but are still successful examples of the sound I was going for at the time (almost every time I was going after a different sound). I hope you enjoy it! While the whole album won't be for everyone, I do think there is something in here for everyone.
This is released under a Creative Commons Share-alike License.
Download link (zip file, 500MB)


Click here to download each song separately
Disc 1:

1- Don't Blink, You Might Miss the One Moment That Connects Them All [2002]

2- Multidimensional (Original Mix) [2002]

3- Spring Funeral [2000]

4- Death and Dying (Rainbow mix) [2000]

5- Bells [2002]

6- Onword [2001]

7- Red Yellow and Blue Balloons [2000]

8- Wudulum [2006]

9- I Live in Sound [2004]

10- Almost Lost [2000]

11- Is This It? [1999]

12- Voices (remastered) [1999]

Disc 2:

1- Fragile Hands [1999]

2- Beauty Reveals Itself in Mysterious Ways [2000]

3- ExcusedAnger [1999]

4- Computer Dream [2001]

5- I Hope it is a Good Day [2001]

6- Adventures of a Wine Glass [2000]

7- A Yellow Iris [2000]

8- Adhesive Mix [2005]

9- Poz Space Time [2001]

10- Timewave Disturbance [2004]

11- Teenage Angst [1999]

Entertaining Noodle


Here is a little noodle I quite literally randomly stumbled upon this morning as I put a shuffle play on 16,000 audio files. I made it sometime about a year ago and then totally forgot about just as I have abandoned nearly every music project I've started the past couple years. Much more focused on visual arts these days, but I will keep this site running and updated as needed for any musical endeavors.

Weird Sound Party!


Check out for info on Weird Sound Party!, in the Tucson desert Feb. 20th.
In other news, Tucson Gem Show is in the house. High Energy Crystals!
MindBlowingVisuals will be VJing the 'Infectious Audio' party in phx tomorrow night, Feb. 7.
If you're looking for something fun to do in Tucson Valentine's Day, check out Ecstatic Dance. This weekend is also quite busy in Tucson, most notably with the Gem and Jam going on all weekend at various locations. Get out and have some fun with other people this month!

Nine is the new Eight


One step at a time in twenty-o-nine we grow towards an increasingly crystal-line connected activation. To sum up 2008 in one word: Massive. Thinking back at a year ago today, and then feeling everything that transpired between now and then, unprecedented was the level of information that flowed through me, the love that has driven me, the adversity that I have overcome, and the magic I witnessed before my eyes. Things seem to manifest more easily this year- just put the word out and before long we are surrounded by those projected intentions. I guess these are the effects of increasing connectivity in the world today.
In reflections, the Holidays were a blast, celebrating the network of connections we now call family. I VJ'd a few parties, the highlight of which was La La Land in Phoenix on the 27th. It was one of my most solid and unique performances to date, and luckily I recorded almost 7 hours of video to DVD. I will be putting some of that video online here as soon as I get the chance to look through it all. It has been nearly six months since I've uploaded anything relating to my VJing, and in those six months my style has cycled over completely!

free VJ loops, and that time of year...


I've released a free collection of some of my favorite clips and loops I've made for VJing. They have served me well, but I feel it's time to open up these clips for use by other VJs all around the world. Check it out here: Vostek @ VJ Vault. In other related news, it's time for a big media refresh. It has been nearly a year since I released my first visuals DVD, Adventures in the Rainbow Vortex, so work has begun on my second compilation of videos, due out hopefully in time for the season of gifting.

Harmonic Concordance


Last weekend saw a great connection in the form of Harmonic Concordance 2, a weekend-long collaborative event between Stage 6 Productions, Overmind Works, Stimulate Productions, and Cosmic Sea Productions. I helped out with the video offerings for the weekend, and overall the experience filled me with newfound energy and inspiration. New projects in the works- getting deep into AV compositions (some of which I will premiere at next week's AV Showcase in Phoenix, Illumination 2.0), designing the framework for my visual-centric site, ( will be primarily to host to my music), and experiments in interfacing with technology to incorporate more human gestures and interactions to control video, generative visuals and effects using Wiimotes.



Much love to Denny for his annual celebration of abundance and light for the Community. I had a wonderful time mixing up visuals for the occasion, not only for the warm atmosphere and close family vibe, but also for the opportunity to do visuals with music that I don't normally play with, namely the traditional Sruti Music of India. It inspired me to put together visuals in ways that I have not before- orange and earthy tones, organic movement, sacred symbols, and clips of traditional Indian dance. Wow! Also props to Chris Sia from San Fransisco who threw down the choice Glitchy Melodic IDM; just what I wanted to close out the night.



Terraformation, the first event in the crater, happened.
Definitely a very Now gathering. Experimental collage of energy, just like my dreams. Highlights of the night (in order), hand drumming with friends around the fire, listening to Life's discussion on quantum applications in social and spiritual practice (or something along those lines....), VJing under the fuzzy glow of the Milky Way in a Moonless sky, and meeting eyes with everyone during the final fire circle exercise.
The best way to figure out how to do something right is to just do it. So we did. And we learned we can do it. More importantly, We learned how we can do it even better. There is great potential in the ideas we seeded at Terraformation. We will take what we learned, and next time we will take the elements that worked and grow them further, diving deeper into the exercises and expressions of the elements. At our closing ceremony, altogether we tossed our misunderstandings into the fire. The connection created a thick vibe of ecstatic now and hopeful future. I can't wait to open that space again, but with an even larger circle.
Thanks to Peter Spudmagic for doing great visual meshing with my PC while I had the opportunity to explore the gathering I helped to create! Infinte thanks to the rest of the crew for putting their hearts into this by trusting in a vision. Tom, 7G, Smiles, Eureka, Reuven, Ismist, Yardz, Psytek, Life, all the volunteers at Terrasante, wow, I would have been lost without all of you!
I know there were a few people who were frustrated with the music being turned off at various points in the night, but there was good intention behind it. As we found out towards the end, people didn't mind having silence in the music as long as there was something to participate in. When we had silence followed by...well, more silence, everyone was rightly a little confused. We are still experimenting with ways to weave diversity of signals into one interwoven whole, maintaining individuality and simulateously amplifying harmonies. Opening an experimental space will ultimately evolve the experience into a new solid form of movement.
Tonight, Diwali in the Desert. Friday, Halloween VJing at Trick or Beats in Phoenix. Saturday, OMW house party. Next Weekend, Harmonic ConcorDance 2.

New Moons


Earthdance AZ 2008! VJ 7G and Vostek VJ'd the Liquid Stage for 9 hours! One of the best nights, despite the change of venue at the last minute. Much respect to everyone involved. This past Saturday Sept. 27th was the return of the Overmind Works series Aura. Always great to connect with the Omies and mix up visuals with VJ eNdo.
Looking forward to October, big things ahead everywhere. We are organizing a new experimental event on October 25th for friends of Terrasante and the Harmony and Health Foundation. Let me know to get on the email list. There is a lot of change in the air, and now is a very important time to give ourselves room for growing, expand our connections and balance energies. When change is blowing everything everywhere, collectively we can help each other through community. Steady as we grow.

All Around


While I didn't make it to Burning Man this year, I feel I did a good job of channelling the same celebratory energy into gatherings on the home front...Which is to say we hadsome good parties this weekend. My heart melted numerous times from all the people who extended their gratitude and appreciation for what I do. Thank you for watching! On Friday I had the pleasure of VJing the Mat Bevel Institute, at the Museum of Kinetic Art. Something about the space there set me up for what may have been my most solid video performance I have done. Find out more at Needless to say, I am definitely looking forward to the next event there. Thanks to Ned for hosting the party and to Tonic for organizing it!
On Saturday I headed up to Phoenix to meet up with VJ 7G at the Rockin R Ranch for a party featuring "Superstar Trance DJs like OMG!" Filo and Peri. No, really, they had a great set, and it was a pleasure working with them. Many thanks to Mello Yello for putting it all together and bringing us in for the visuals. Also cheers to Skittles for hosting a classic afterparty. It was great connecting with everyone there, much love, and I will see you all at Earthdance in 2 weeks!!!

Videos found

Here are two videos I stumbled upon of my VJing over the summer courtesy of Vasta. First is @ Zot in Philadelphia for Gaian Mind Philadelphia, while Witchdokta manned the decks. Witchdokta, you are a mad scientist! Second is @ Orb festival while Shulman played music (great set man! One of my favorites of the festival).

Movement in Reflection


Now for an unnecessarily detailed chronology of my five week adventure to the East Coast.
My Journey began Monday, June 15th, when I flew from Tucson into Philadelphia with fellow Tucsonian friend Peter. After meeting up with my parents in Delaware and spending the night at their house, we were off to Four Quarters, PA, for the

Gaian Mind Summer Solstice Festival- June 18-22

The first four days were nothing short of a perfect retreat in the forest with loving community and enriching experiences. The highlight for myself was Thursday night/Friday morning, when everything seemed to come together in just the right blend. I performed video at the Psy-cinema that night from about 2:30-4:30am, and also the following night from 2:30 to 5:30.
At the workshops I attended, there seemed to be a focus on the growing imbalances, conflicts, and corruption in our society, governments, and the Earth itself. Which is not to say it was doom and gloom, the purpose of bringing these things to light was to then offer concrete approaches we can take to prepare ourselves, spread positive messages, and make the global situation less dire. Hats off especially to Mark Passio for his "Groundbreaking Presentation On Human Consciousness" entitled What on Earth is Happening? (website was down when I checked, here is Google's cache). Also great presentations by Charles Eisenstein and Daniel Pinchbeck of Reality Sandwich (I highly recommend taking this site to your head!). Saturday evening kicked off with a magical performance by Archedream for Humankind. Afterwards I met with a friend and hung out with Jay the Gong Guy - He was giving free gong sessions to anyone willing to put their heads in front of it. In addition to traveling to festivals with his gong, he is a producer with conscious film group Sir Rebel Films. While we were sitting, meditating on the crescent wave of the gong, the rain started, so we ran under Jay's tent for shelter. We were accompanied by another guy who was seeking shelter, Steve Bowman, who I happened to recognize as a fellow participant in the Electro-Music festival of past years. It was good to catch up, and a pleasant surprise since I had not expected anyone from Electro-music to be hanging out at a psy-trance festival! The rain got harder, and thunder and lightning grew closer. Before we knew it we were in the center of a massively active storm, and a lightning strike hit less than a hundred yards from where I was. Electrifying, to say the least. While the rest of the night was awesome, by Sunrise that morning I came down with some sort if mysterious illness that was also contracted by many other of the festival-goers. Most people only were sick for a day or two, but it took me more than a week to recover.

Familial Interlude

After recovering from the "Gaian Plague" as I've heard it called, I had the opportunity to catch up with some friends in the Newark DE area. A ton of fun waxing philosophic jubilence over a game of Wii bowling with Bruce Gulick - Always engaging, challenging, and poignant conversation, I leave his presence with a better perspective on matters at hand.
July 6, my birthday; what better way to spend it than with the ol' blood relatives? Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, Grandma and cousins for the standard evening fare of dinner conversation and cake. I enjoy visiting relatives more as I grow older, it is an evolving relationship that feels a little more real every year. I used to be very shy and introspective as a child, always quiet and reserved, even with family, but now that I've been out and about in the world, I feel like we can socialize and relate to each other in a more human way without a feeling of obligation. The next day I traveled up to the forested wilderness of Eaglesmere, PA to reconnect with travel buddy Peter, with whom I had parted paths after Gaian Mind. His grandparents have a cottage right on a lake, and he had been staying there for a couple weeks. I slept outside in a hammock that night, probably the best few hours of sleep I've had in a long time. In the morning my dreams organically morphed into the sound of a nearby bird twirking out to an intricate song that I had never heard before. Very inspiring. Peter and I went on short canoe excursion in the lake before heading out to Afton, NY for the

Alladin Orb Festival July 10-13

The festival didn't start until Thursday, but we arrived on Tuesday in order to help with event production. Beautiful location. Watching the clouds of steam rise up from the lake in the mornings was a mystical experience. Organization was a bit scattered, but I had the pleasure of working with a lot of very talented people, and ultimately all the pieces came together in time for peak energy Friday and Saturday. Overall, the party was a blast. I danced my pants off (ahem, figuratively speaking), and performed visuals on the Pangea stage for 14 hours over the course of Friday and Saturday. Whopping amount of talent took care of the music, some of the best DJs from all over the world, and everyone brought the epitome of Psy energy in full force. The best part of the festival was the wide range of world culture represented, a very unifying experience to work and party with people from all parts of the world over a single vision of celebration.

Rittenhouse Square and Gaian Mind Philadelphia

The last weekend was a wonderful ending to my stay on the East Coast. On Friday I headed up to Philly and performed some impromptu video projections in Rittenhouse Park with Peter Parker. A short video of the night is available here.

It was heart-warming to have people from all walks of life stopping to express their appreciation. Peter Parker does video in the park semi-regularly, so check out his website to get on his email list for the next performance. On Saturday I performed some guest visuals at Gaian Mind Philadelphia. The energy in the main room was totally infectious - hardly a single person was not bouncing around. Witchdokta had an INSANE set, and it was the perfect backdrop to play with my new video mixing software, Arkaos GrandVJ. Honestly, I wasn't prepared for the intensity of Witchdokta's sound, but luckily the flexibility of the new software allowed me to quickly adapt the visual style to a rapid-fire psychedelic visual mesh. In the chillout room, Tritton had a great opening, and Super Galactic Expansive had me dancing like nothing else. Many thanks to Peter Parker, and all the Gaian Mind DJs and organizers for hosting another uplifting and energizing event. On Sunday I ventured south to Baltimore to meet a couple friends I met at GMSF. It was the weekend of Artscape, Baltimore's massive annual arts and culture exhibition. We checked out some of the performances from the Exotic-Hypnotic series hosted by the High Zero Collective, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting experimental music and traditional music from other cultures. Abu the Flute Maker fascinated the audience with his array of diverse sounding instruments all made from 'garbage' parts ranging from bed posts to sardine cans to broken glass. Sunday night led me to the raw aesthetic of Baltimore's Warehouse scene, a packed party at the Annex Theater that was the conclusion of Wham City's annual Whartscape event. It was really hot, like constant-dripping-sweat hot, so we didn't stay all night, but an interesting experience nonetheless. Instead, we hung out on the 4th floor of the building where our friend Chris lives and jammed out with hand drums, keyboards, and guitar. Monday, my last full day on the East Coast, was a magically delicious conclusion to my journey, spent with friends Erica and May in the forest for a highly successful experiment in opening the Third Eye. Always Perfect Timing.
So now, as much as I enjoyed the trip, I am enthralled to be back in Tucson. Something about this land nurtures my body and spirit unlike anywhere else I've been. July 25 will be a reflective day of meditation for 'Day out of Time' on the Mayan Calendar. And this Saturday the 26th, I'll be playing visuals with VJ 7G at Merry X-Mas in July in Phoenix!

Vostek Enters 21st Century with RSS feed


Subscribe to the Vostek RSS Feed
Yes, it's true. The Internet and the way that people get their information is evolving. RSS is one way to get information flowing more readily and in real-time. Still figuring out the whole thing, but it appears to be working. Subscribe through the link above!

VJing for DJ Tiesto @ Marquee 6/2/08


The first 4 videos here are of the direct video signal to DVD-R from the show , and while I didn't record the sound to DVD, I was able to synch the sound from other people's recordings from the night that had been posted on youtube (thanks everyone for sharing their own videos of the night!...) It was one of the most intense VJing gigs I've played, and also one of the biggest crowds I've played to...about 1500 filling the room to capacity. It has been great working with so many talented and passionate people recently realizing a collective vision. Most respect to #1 teammate VJ 7G, and hats off to all production crew for this event, the dazzling Burning Retina for having us out, and Chris Lit for hooking up gear last minute
In other news, I will shortly be off to the East Coast to visit family and friends and celebrate the Solstice with Gaian-Mind. Lush green forests await!



I've been getting out and performing visuals a lot more recently, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. The way I see now there is only one way to be a performance visualist, and that is by always living and breathing the art. I had an amazing Memorial Day weekend filled with gatherings of celebration, friends, fun, and Sun. 'Oasis 08', 'Meowth Mix', and 'A Day to Be Free' were all beautiful displays of a radical community.
There are a million things I can say about my experience the past few weeks, but I'll keep it short by saying the movement is infused with love and driven by a passion for the energy connection of the ever-unfolding moment. The Arizona Electronic Dance Music community is definitely a place where I feel the message of my visuals are received and translated well, so I'm going to ride this wave and see what flowers bloom.
I now have an Events page set up to catalog upcoming and past events.

Mayday Festival


Last night was a lovely re-aquaintance to the larger Arizona underground dance music community. It's good to see the scene thriving here, and even more amazing to see the dedication of many hundreds of Phoenix area ravers who took the 2.5 hour drive out of their way for a party south of Tucson. I threw down four hours of live visual performance to a receptive crowd and blew up the spot, but not without the help of VJ 7G and the whole AAA Posse who were in charge of the stage production. I had planned for eight hours of VJing, but alas, by 2 AM our peaceful gathering was greeted by a group of squad cars and an intimidatingly low-flying helicopter. At any rate, I think everything ended peacefully and everyone made it to their afterparties and homes safe and sound. Many thanks to the organizers for having me out and inviting me to visualize at future events. Next week: 'Guaranteed Lei' in Phoenix. Overall, good energy, and a good reminder that live visuals, performed spontaneously in a dynamic moment, have potential for a much greater spirit and value than any video that can be captured and put on the Internet to share. That added value makes the effort of the production worth it in the end.

New Songs!


This four-song collection is an introduction to a much larger project in the works that will be released gradually in segments and through different mediums including film, music video, music, and text. The project is called The Dissolution of Duality. The message will be revealed gradually, as each part takes a different approach to explaining the message.
The entire creation of this album took place in the span of the past six days; it is my first return to music production in over a year. Due to the concept of diminishing returns, I am releasing this work after less than a week of production. Sure, I could nitpick the details for months, but by doing that I have nothing more to add to the message and only risk destroying the intent that inspired the inital creation. This will clear space for continuing work on the larger scope of the project. Anyway, I present:

The Dissolution of Duality: Induction. (Format: 320 kbps MP3) Artwork: Front, Back

1. Cross the Waves, Blur the Waves, Bend the Waves,(03:31, 8.2 MB)

2. Destroy the Waves, Celebrate the Waves. (05:46, 13.5 MB)

3. Thirteen and One (05:59, 13.8 MB)

4. Synthetic Synaesthetic Prototypical Protocol. (04:22, 10.3 MB)

Featuring vocal samples by Help Smiles Grow. Thank you to all who have been a part of my life through these most recent cycles, and as such you have been integral in the creation of this music: HSG, Tracy, Kip, Amanda, Delphine, Danny and Peter, Dr. Life (and all of you Burners!), Keith, Avery, Rafael, Nik @ Kahvi, The Overmind Works Collective, all of the spirits at Terrasante, Mom and Dad, and so many others.

Moving Images


Yesterday/last night/this morning has been a marathon in video generation and compositing. I wanted to have something to show for my 24 hour video session, so I quickly whipped up a music video this morning using many of the clips I made. I'm still getting the hang of the compositing software, so there are points where movement is jerky when I intended on smooth, but I'm still impressed with how easy it was to layout media in a 3-dimensional space, and then to move around it.

Anyway, here is the video file: Zer0_0ne-Glitch_Video_by_Vostek
Running time 5:51, 119 Megabytes, 640x480 MPEG-4 Quicktime format.
Some of the software involved in the making of this video: Apophysis, Arkaos, After Effects, ContextFree, Photoshop, Virtualdub, etc.
Enjoy, and feedback is welcome!

Still Images


I've been playing with still picture composition, here are a few examples:

Dissolving Duality 1
Dissolving Duality 2
Less Drippy
Drippy Clouds 1
Mist Bubble Creek
Night Vision 1
Night Vision 2
Light Vision 1
Light Vision 2

and also here is the front and back artwork to my 'Favorite Things' album. Enjoy!

My Favorite Things


Announcing the release of my Best-of music collection
Vostek- 2002-2006 Favorite Things
(Rar format zip file, FLAC format audio, 397 Megabytes)
Download- Bit Torrent
Download- Direct link

1. Lime
2. Timefly
3. Five Befriends Four
4. Template (Dense Mix)
5. It's Raining Outside
6. Life Changes
7. Tab
8. Yellow Brown Orange Blue
9. Where is the Future?
10. Fresh
11. Blue and Silver Ticker Tape (Remix 2)
12. Evolark
13. Can You Find all the Flips?
14. Flight of the Flicker
15. Seven Floss
Total Running Time: 65 minutes

As the title implies, 15 of my favorite compositions produced between 2002-2006 now presented free to the world the way they were originally intended- full-spectrum, lossless quality digital sound (FLAC format). I'm very happy with the tracklisting and the overall flow of the album; it feels like all the songs were born to be together here, and they definitely tell an overall story.

Hey Record Labels, anybody want to distribute this?

My current projects are taking form, slowly and surely. Big stuff, so i can't take the wraps off of it yet, but I'll update here with detals soon. In the mean time, enjoy my Favorite Things!



Peak Vision attained last night, and I feel I can speak for everyone in attendance that this was a healing experience of timeless proportions. As a whole we celebrated old and new connections, practiced random acts of playfulness, and danced the night away. In short, great party, the kind of party the Tucson doesn't see enough of, but I'm hoping that changes. If I hadn't already solidified my standing as a premiere Psy VJ, last night set the path in stone. Many hours of performance visuals, all on point, so on point that I was surprising myself constantly. My interface was an extension of my self, and the resulting video was an extension of the collective space. Reception was strong; thanks to everyone who personally extended their appreciation of the light work. Special shouts to the wonderfully aware friends at the Odaiko Sonora SPACE, BJ and Stephanie for synchronizing many of the elements, Endo for hooking us up with the projector cradles and Vjing the Hexagon screens, DJ UZI for playing some of the most energetic tunes that have ever traveled through me (psytrance at 173 bpm?!! whoah!) and everyone else who participated to kept the vibe-rations flowing like water.

New media for you!


Big update! First off, a new song. Well, kinda new. It was one of the few songs that I made in 2007, and I just now put a couple finishing touches on it, so here ya go, free download- In the Woods.
Next up, as promised, I've uploaded some videos from Adventures in the Rainbow Vortex to Google Video for previewing. If you enjoy these videos please consider purchasing the full quality DVD, which is now up for sale in my video section.
Psytrance promo video sample
Music: Nintari- Protector (Hologram mix

Adventures in the Rainbow Vortex


Adventures in the Rainbow Vortex is a demonstration in the style of real-time video art that I have developed, arranged in a 3 volume DVD set. Volumes 1 and 2 are finished. Release here is imminent. I never thought my music really had the power to change to world for the better, but this video...its something else. I know I radically transformationed parts of my awareness in 2007, and I will attribute some of that growth to my exploration in VJing. I will try to have some previews on youtube in the next week, and a bittorrent release of each volume shortly after that. Stay tuned!

//end feed //start feed

The Vostek Anthology 1998-2007: Now Available!


After 10 years and 1000s of hours of work, The Vostek Anthology is complete. $20 for a DVD filled with over 150 songs in lossless quality sound! This is the first time my music has been available at a quality higher than MP3. Navigate to my music page for information and purchasing. I can't express how this collection encompasses my journey. It speaks not only of sound, but of my life as a whole. Maybe now I can move a new perspective on art and creative expression. //end feed



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